Echoes of Mourning

Gabriels Diary Day 3

21 Ollarune YK 998
As we returned to Winterhaven dragging the bloodied and bruised bodies
of our two unconscious companions we were greeted by Alvana Wrafton
who offered us a free room to stay in the inn. I allowed my allies the
pleasures of the bed as I slept on the floor. To truly understand
God’s message you must live a life of extreme poverty.
I awoke in a startle well before dawn the next morning. I had
nightmares of fire and brimstone and of Delphina’s face. God was
trying to send me a message, Delphina must burn in the depths of hell
for her actions. As I walked out the Inn, I felt strangly drawn to the
charred remains of Delphina’s house. It was almost as if the house
was still ablazed. Even when I closed my eyes I could see the flames
of the night before burning bright in the now vacant lot. Flames have
purged the land of its sin and the land was now ready for God to bless
it with his presence. I took the visions to be god wanting me to build
a shrine to the Silver Flame. I blessed the ground with every ritual
known to man and a few only know to God’s Angels. I worked my old
bones to exhaustion and then worked some more….blood flowed from cuts
and my muscles burned with the fire of the sun but still I toiled on.
God’s message will be sent, even if it cost me my very life. After
hours of work the altar was finally erected. Once the area was
finished, the clouds parted and shined down onto my staff, I could
feel the burn of the Silver Flame surging through it. God was
rewarding his loyal soldier with the eternal power of the Silver
As I was praying to the new shrine I hear footsteps approaching from
behind. I turned to see Dominaro approaching, I could tell he could
feel the radiant energy of the Silver Flame pouring from the site. Of
all the companions I have on this adventure Dominaro has been the one
I’ve most understood. As a follower of the Silver Flame I know the
fire that burns in his soul. As he crossed the threshold of the altar
I stood in wonder as light surrounded him, much as it had surrounded
me. God has chosen a second vessel for his love and vengeance. I will
teach him the ways, He shall be my new apprentice….he shall be the
next Angel of Death.
While Dom and I were praying at the altar I began to ponder the way I
would help Dom shed the attachment to the people and places and live
on a higher plane. When you are so blessed by God, you become more
than man….God becomes part of you and you become part of him. Then the
laws of man no longer apply to you, only that which god has decided
must be obeyed. Before I had a chance to gather my thoughts on the
matter Kolgarth and Satoris appeared behind us. Kolgarth immediately
resumed his questions from the previous night about what caused the
fire and why would I built an altar on its ashes. How dare he question
God’s master plan, the more I hang out with the barbarian the more I
question his use. Not only did he fall helplessly to Irontooth and
have to be carried back, he is questioning my actions. My patience is
wearing thin, I know god does not want this man harmed but if he
continues down this path I’m sure god will want me to smite him for
his insolence. Rather than cause unwanted attention to us I calmed the
brute by showing him the two letters I had in my possession. The
letter I found from Delphina’s and the one we found on Irontooth. One
was signed by K the other by Kalarel….I guess I just found our next
Our discussion was interrupted rudely by Lord Padraig. News had
spread throughout the town about what our group had accomplished the
night before. Lord Padraig thanked us for dealing with Irontooth. He
offered us some gold pieces which I felt should have been donated to
the newly founded Silver Flame shrine but the group balked at the
idea. Typical greed from the nonbelievers….They live their lives on
the fence between a life of virtue and a life of wrongdoing. Let us
hope they never lean to far to one side or they will feel the burn of
the Silver Flame. We asked if he has ever heard of a man called
Kalarel. Padraig had not heard of him, but suggested that if anyone
in town would know someone, it would be Valthrun the Prescient or
Eilian the Old.
Satoris, having already met Valthrun and experienced his knowledge,
decided the group should go to him first to ask about Kalarel.
Valthrun said that he had heard of the name before in reference to the
ruins to the north of town. Beyond that Valthrun was not able to
produce any information about the history of the ruins, or why Kalarel
would be so interested in the ruins. Although I can sense that the man
is good natured It seemed to me that he was holding back on some
information. I will keep my eye on him in the future. After the whole
Delphina debacle ill keep this information to myself. No need for the
group to cause a scene and allow this man to flee like she did.
Although I wanted to get my hands on this Kalarel person my mission
was still to find this Douven Staul. Ill have to deal with him later.
We were able to travel to the bones yard without much incidence. When
we got there, I spotted Delphina directing a couple humans and two
guard drakes, alongside a shadowy figure.
We wasted no time and charged. With the help of Kolgarth I swiftly
struck down the weaker foes. Pitiful beast actually thought they had a
chance. Seeing that her life was soon at an end Delphina ran like
the scared little girl she was. Don’t worry God, Gabriel will take
her last breath from her in your honor. The shadowy figure turned
towards Kolgarth and Dominaro as shadowy tendrils to burst from the
ground and surrounded my two allies. Foolish decision for our friend
here he has allowed the greatest threat to roam free. My vengeance
shall turn wrong into right, this being will rue the day he decided to
stand against the Silver Flame! Swing after swing and spell after
spell landed against him with little effect, something was wrong….no
being could stand against such forces. It was then that the figure
started to fade. Bastard was only an apparition, as it disappeared I
yelled “I will find you Kalarel, you will pay for your crimes!”
After the last of them were defeated we searched the area. On one of
the human bodies, we found a large bone, shaped like the end of a rib.
This is probably what that idiot Douven was after. After we found the
bones we walked a little further only to find hey a shallow grave, a
dead body. Looks like I failed you Cyranthus, please forgive me.
That was when I began to worry. The apparition we fought was that of
an undead creature. Could that monster have set up a trap for us? If
we had to take this body back to town and it turned out to be unborn I
would have endangered the lives of hundreds of innocents. My first
thought was to set the body ablaze. Immediately I hear the revolts of
my fellow travelers. “Oh god how can you do that”……”Please no Gabriel
he was a person!”…. Don’t they understand that this is what must be
done. I have sacrificed my soul that the good people of the world
shall survive and thrive in a world that rewards sinners and
criminals. I could not persuade them to see the errors in there ways,
but I couldn’t let this body go to town in such a state. I prayed for
answers, prayed that these people never know of the horrors of the
undead or the damage they could do when not handled. I decided to
preserve the body, although it will prevent Douven from coming back as
an undead it is not a permanent fix. I can only hope I can fix this
mistake at a later time…


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