Echoes of Mourning

Kolgarths Diary Day 2 and Day 3

Day 3 and 4 22 Ollarune YK 998 It’s been a while since I lost wrote and much has happened. Upon awaking I felt a draw to the forge, and found a box of residuum beside my bed. I let my passion lead me, and hours later I finished my maul, a war hammer imbued with elemental fire which I could unleash upon my foes. We wandered around town the next day, deciding which path we would follow. We heard that Douven Stahl had been seen heading to a dragon graveyard to the south, and that there was an abandoned keep up to the north that people had seen Delphinna flee to. We put a scholar to researching news of the keep for us, while we pursued our initial quest and went south to find Stahl. Upon arriving there we were confronted by the shade of the evil wizard we were following. Using my newly made Maul, I charged in and destroyed a great many of his minions with a mighty cleave, and began to run at the wizard. My companions quickly dispatched the remaining foes, and Gabriel recited a holy chant to drive the evil creatures presence from the field. Upon examining the burial ground, we found two very troubling things. The first of these was the dead body of Douven Stahl. Seeing his corpse lying there, I felt my chances of finding my family slip away. Even as this sobering thought resonated through me, Satoris yelled that he had discovered something else. It had the look of a rib bone and was pulsating with evil magic. It must have been the third rib discussed in the previous note we found. Even with the sadness coursing through my body at the thought of my family, I realized that more may be at stake here. It was in this moment I committed myself to follow this quest through to the end, as something extremely foul was at foot. I also realized that this quest was inexplicably tied to my own, and that the two paths had emerged as one. Douven Stahl might be dead, but he came across the knowledge I seek while following this same path. Perhaps remaining on it would lead me to other clues. We proceeded back to Winterhaven with the corpse and rib in toe, and went back to speak with the scholar. He told us some of the history of the keep, and as a group we decided to pursue Delphinna and see what she had to say. We made the trek, and before we were even within sight of the massive gates, I could smell the stink of goblins. We tentatively stepped into the main room, weapons at the ready. Immediately, we spotted a pair of goblins on the other side of the room and I charged in, bellowing a war cry. As I reached the middle of the room, the floor gave way and I tumbled down into a rat infested pit. Dazed, I stood up to get my bearings, then utilized my natural athleticism to leap back out and fall upon the goblins. Unfortunately, my companions were not possessed of this same skill, and Dominaro not possessed of plain common sense. Rushing in after me, after witnessing my fall, he attempted to leap the pit in his full plate armor. He crumbled at the bottom and was immediately set upon by rats. While the rest of us fought off the goblins, he was slowly bled by their sharp claws and diseased bites. We had to come back down and him up, and if his wounds hadn’t been so serious, the situation would have been laughable. We helped him heal up and proceeded further into the dungeon. For a while, room upon room it was the same. We’d find goblins and demolish them. My rage at seeing the last known link to my family dead fueled my blows, and I landed some very mighty swings on any goblin who dared get in my way, decimating their ranks. Finally, we broke upon the door to one room which seemed different than the others. There were torture devices all over, and a larger goblin was looming over an old rack. I charged at him and began raining blows, as my companions unleashed a flurry of steel and magic. Searching the corpse of the lead torturer, we found a key ring, and searching the room we found cells tucked into a corner. One of these had a small goblin in it, and as we approached he spoke to us. He told us he could help us, and would aid us in our travels, providing us details on the layout of the floor, carrying our equipment and setting up our tents and sleeping pallets. Naturally distrusting, Gabriel wanted to smite him on the spot, and I couldn’t help but agree with him, but Satoris spoke some sense in saying that he could be a valuable ally, and we should test him to see if he’s telling us the truth. Trying up Splug and putting him in my bag (He thought it was just a fun ride), he led us to the food stores, which turned out to be fresh and useful to us in our quest. He then told us about the master of the level, Balron the Fat, who was apparently a giant coward. A warrior letting himself get to that shape and being a coward to boot. The combination really displeased me, and I wanted to go show this Balron just how much. Taking Splug along, we went in search of this “master”. Splug pointed out a large set of double doors, so Dominaro and I burst through and charged into the frightened goblin masses behind it. After dispatching many of his minions, Balron himself came to join the fray. I finished off one of his warriors, and charged at him. The coward immediately attempted to flee the battle! The proud warrior in me was appalled to see such behavior, and I fell into one of my rages. With Splug on my back I raced across the battlefield, shrugging off blows from his weaker minions to confront the fiend himself. I unleashed my rage and let loose the power of my flaming maul all in one enormous burst, driving the creature to his knees and bloodying him. His minions fled the scene seeing their master go down, and the pitiful wretch begged for his life. He claimed he could tell of the rest of the layout of the first floor, and provide information on the treasure in the excavation room, if only we spared his life. I for one could not see any use for him, or any reason to let him live. We had Splug to provide us details, and he had proved trustworthy this far. The little fellow was really growing on me, he’d actually been a useful addition to our team in the short time we met him. I quickly found that the rest of my companions agreed with me. We gave the pathetic creature a chance to prove his use to us. Gabriel threatened him with fiery wrath if he did not speak. Scared for his life, and that we would slay him after he told us anything of use, he kept quiet. Finally we realized we had to prove to him we would dispose of him if he didn’t find some way to prove beneficial to us. Gabriel, being the zealotous sadist that he is, recommended slicing off a hand to show that we meant business. It was then that I realized the perfect way to kill two birds with one stone. I asked Splug if he would like to do the honors, to make up for all the torment that this blob had given him, and he leapt at the chance. Taking him out of my backpack, I armed him with a knife and he quickly went to work with a zeal that proved that he meant it. Quickly doing the deed, he turned to us and asked whether he could cut off the other one two. It was then that our trust in him was confirmed, and I knew that I would quickly grow to like this small, endearing creature. Immediately Balron caved, and told us what could be found on the rest of this floor, and warned us of proceeding lower. Apparently, the rest of the caves were not cleared out, and foul oozes and other creatures abound there in hordes. We chose to spare his life, because while the miserable fiend did not deserve to live, I had promised on my honor and I was not about to go back on that. He fled off through a secret passage, and if I ever cross paths with him, he will not emerge so lucky. Perhaps I’ll let Splug have him. We proceeded next into the excavation room to see what treasure we could find there. Using Splug as a lure, we had him call to help for his fellow goblins and as they rushed out, quickly slayed them. Moving into the room, we saw a strange open area, with a few raised platforms and rough wooden bridges strung out between them. A few goblin minions prowled these bridges, but from the pit I could hear the growling of some larger creature. Leaving the goblins up top to the accurate gun of Satoris, I rushed into the pit and was confronted by two guard drakes. Not wasting anytime, I slammed one into the ground, quickly crushing the life out of it. Hearing a commotion behind me, I turned to see Gabriel fall from one of the bridges. Apparently foolishness runs in this church of the Silver Flame, and what the mage was doing rushing to the forefront of battle was behind me. With no time to spare for his games, I turned back to the second drake, and he met the same fate from my fiery maul as his brother. Looking around after the battle, we discovered the goblins had some sort of fire potion, meant to explode on impact. Unfortunately for them, they had no time to utilize these tools, as Dominaro and Satoris had cut them down much too quickly. Seeing an opportunity, I armed Splug with a number of these vials. It could prove a decidedly useful tool in the future. Elsewhere in the room we discovered a healthy supply of residuum, enough to make a new weapon of lightning for Dominaro. I question the judgment of giving such a potent weapon to a man who may not understand the dangers of wielding it, but I cannot doubt his prowess in battle or his usefulness, only his thought process. After collecting the treasure, we made the decision to proceed further, and see if we could find some clue as to what to do next. Before that though, we all needed a short rest, and returned to Winterhaven to stock up on supplies and prepare. While in town, I asked Satoris to prepare me a new backpack, one that could be used to more comfortably carry Splug. I feel as though he will become a welcome addition to our party. In fact, our relationship may soon resemble one I recently saw between a strange warlock and his pet…” “ Kolgarth Barbarian of the Nameless


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