Echoes of Mourning

Gabriels Diary Day 1

Day 1: 20 Ollarune 998 YK Cyranthus has sent me to meet up with Bren ir’ Gadden again today, that ungrateful bastard has somehow gotten himself into trouble again, that’s what happens when you live a life of sin. He wishes to meet up in the local tavern…I hate these joints, full of the worst kind of riff raffs, Booze and pleasures of the skins are all these men crave. God will judge them harshly should they ever reach his doors. I remember the first time I met Bren ir’ Gadden 4 years ago. The man was captured in a tower being guarded by some hideous creatures. ..Luckily for him God was watching over him. Cyranthus sent me and a paladin of the silver flame named Dominaro to his aid. I have never worked with another and did not understand why Cyranthus would send him along, especially on a mission as trivial as freeing a nobody. My talents were always better used for retribution. As we approached the tower a Goliath of massive proportions came out from behind the tree pleading desperately for us to help him get into the tower. Although this brute was a heathen and has little intelligence to call his own I felt pity for him and offered him our aid. I’m still disappointed in how little such a large being does in combat, although he did dispatch two of the evil doers, I could have taken them out as with just a thought. He brought along an accomplice, a shifty little human named Satoris that was always tinkering with something. I didn’t think much of the man until he showed his prowess in combat. A weapon that made the sound of thunder as it fired and left only death in its wake. He was truly being guided by the hand of god. As we stormed the tower I used the lord’s strength to vanquish many foes. As I struck the last 2 dead with a lightning strike that shook the very foundation of the tower we saw the prisoners. One of the prisoners was tied up on some sort of strange rune. I watched as the goliath went to free him and immediately fall to his knees. Some strange force was emanating from the rune. I didn’t think twice and walked courageously onto the rune knowing very well that my god would not allow some demonic force to hurt his messenger. I walked through it un-affected by the evil rune and freed the prisoner as well as the goliath. As I led the group out of that cursed tower we were accosted by the Order of the Emerald Claw, those insolent swine. They use their dark magic and think they can take down I, I who have purged this land of filth like them for over 40 years, don’t they know I am the right hand of GOD! I could feel the Flame coursing through my veins as I haven’t since that fateful day so many years ago. As I felt a surge of energy I was able to watch as 5 undead abominations were vaporized to dust in front of me. I knew it would be a good day for a fight. We quickly formed a line around the prisoners, I would not fail Cyranthus after all he has done for me. As I watched the others feebly hold off the undead scourge I knew this group would not be enough without some godly intervention. I prayed to our lord almighty to send a fallen warrior to protect these peasants I have under my protection and from the ashes an angel born of fire was reborn. The sight of such a magnificent being rejuvenated the group who was about to battle on and repel the ambush. As we surrounded the mage in the group we were able to identify her as Mallora. As I felt the burn of holy energy radiating from my bones I knew that god wished her dead.


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